Founded in late 2015 by two artists, RIUMORE is a visual design entity that specializes in graphic (in every sense of the word) patterns that incorporate erotic images and sexual explicit designs that are also absolutely beautiful. Since we are not single minded we also have expanded into other motifs such as yoga, cannabis, surrealism, animals, weapons and abstractions.  These eyes catching patterns can be seen on everything from socks and shirts to wallpaper, skateboards and wrapping paper.  One of the most interesting aspects of the work is that more often than not the details fly right under the radar of the unsuspecting viewer.  For the most part they just appear to be elegant shape and color relationships but upon closer inspection the motifs appear to create surprise and delight.

Contact  RIUMORE today to view or discuss pricing and availability for licensing the hundreds of available patterns.  All works have variable resolution distances and exist as digital files that can be scaled to your specific preference.  Visit our OtheDetails collection to purchase products with RIUMORE's graphic patterns at retail or wholesale.