What kind of designs do you make?
Although RIUMORE specializes in erotic and graphic patterns, we also make artwork with  motifs such as yoga, animals, weapons and cannabis
What are your intentions?
We want to add something interesting to the world of patterns.  We wanted to start something new and bring life to the design world. we want to see these designs out in the world delighting viewers and drawing them in. We want people to look closer.
What does RIUMORE mean?
RIUMORE is a combination of the state where  the company was founded, Rhode Island, and the italian word Umore which means humor, mood and temper.
Is this pornography?
Absolutely not, We believe our work is actually the opposite because we are interested in beautification of the subject not degradation. Celebrating fertility has been a constant subject of art since the dawn of visual culture.
Who creates the designs?
Two artists based in Rhode Island
What are your backgrounds?
Painter/Fine Artist and Architect/Designer
When was RIUMORE founded?
The idea fermented many years ago but the two artists came together last year and launched the company for the 2016 New Year.                               Where can you purchase these items? 
RIUMORE’s trademarked patterns can be purchased on a number of products from KnOcOff. Designs can also be licensed directly from RIUMORE. All designs are copyrighted. 
Where did you come up with this idea? 
Sexuality is the subject of almost everything in one way or another. We wish to address it head on and celebrate it with color and shape. 
Are you trademarked?
Yes, our concept and brand RIUMORE have been trademarked and in process for approval.
What is the ideal application? 
We would like to see it on anything and everything. At a variety of scales and colors
Who are some of your clients?  
We've just launched and currently some products can be purchased from We are currently in negotiation with a few retailers and manufactures. 
Do you have any financial backers? 
Currently we have two private investors, but always looking for more opportunities. 
What is your target market? 
Anywhere between ages 18 and 60. Mostly male and females with a good sense of humor.  The Yoga and animal items seem to be a big hit with the females!! 
What do you expect in the next year?
We think our images will spread and people will start seeing them in more places.